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FD Seattle through my eyes

   Before we take a dive into things, let's first start off with that this isn't event coverage, my FD Seattle coverage can be found over at Northwest Nissans along with the other contributors I teamed up with. This is Formula Drift Seattle through my eyes for the first time track side, what it was like, some of my favorite shots, and how this experience helped myself grow with what I love doing in shooting motorsports. 

   I took an interest in the world of drifting about 4 years ago when I picked up a camera, I knew nothing about either walks of life at the time, it all started out with grassroots drifting, and now here we are. Out of all the motorsports out there, when I first set my eyes on drifting it grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go. It's this crazy chaotic beautiful dance between cars that pushes the limits of impending doom every step of the way, yet control is always shown. Personally I'd say drifting is art in motion, and like all art, art is a very subjective matter and viewed differently by many others. So why not combine photography and drifting? Really though, I only do it to have an abundance of desktop background images on my computer, it only makes sense. Actually I do what I do with a camera because it's fun, because it's taken myself on this super cool journey over the years, plugged incredible people into my life, and become this passion that won't stop growing.

   But over the years of shooting, the "want" to shoot at a Formula Drift event was there, just the opportunities weren't, until now. The push to grow in what I do never slowed down, the passion never grew weak, If anything my attitude with what I'm doing is never good enough mentality, has been the main factor of not stopping or slowing down in the things I'm passionate about.

   So FD Seattle happened, it actually happened, the excitement was real and I was off in my own little world for three days caught up in every second of the action. A goal that I created 3 years ago was finally met, and the only game plan I had in mind was to have fun. It's always about having fun, that's how I approach photography, I only shoot what I want to shoot and do what I want to do. Being at an event of this caliber, the quality and consistency of driving is so high that you really have endless opportunities of banger shots, and with saying that, it opened the door to push creativity.  

   I started paying more attention to the little things around myself, I began to look at my surroundings with a totally different and new perspective, this felt like a turning point with this new fresh outlook through my lens on the world around me. With the environment that I was in, everything was a distraction because everything was an opportunity for a unique picture, it all came down to how I looked at what was in front of myself at the time.

   Being right in the action down on the track felt like stepping into a totally different world, it's like war zone of endless awesomeness. Oddly enough though because of how incredible FD was, how it changed everything, how it gave myself a look into not only the realm of professional motorsport photography but also professional drifting, I started to question how will anything else outside of Formula Drift ever stand up to shooting at an event like FD? The high speeds, big smoke trails, consistent door to door high caliber driving, sights and sounds, it was such an incredible overwhelming environment that everything else in my mind with shooting drifting just can't compare. Walking away from the amazing experience that I had at FD Seattle, I still continue to question how will shooting any other drift event ever been the same? Did shooting FD ruin drifting for myself, yet alone shooting other motorsport events on smaller scales? It's an interesting question that kind of leaves me hanging without an answer to it yet.

   Without a doubt this experience was a very humbling one, it opened up my world a little more with motorsport photography, helped push myself in a direction that I want to go, and it left me with more amazing memories to walk away with. This single event changed so much for myself, it's just another stepping stone for growing in photography and what I'm passionate about.

My top 10 favorite pic's from FD Seattle


The everything else (but not quite top 10 worthy, but still cool)

Tyler Adair