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Cactus Jalopies

  First impressions are often looked at as the make it or break it moments in life when it comes to job interviews, meeting new people, or just being introduced to something new in your life for the first time. They draw that fine line of yay or nay, and so many little factors can easily add up to the make it or break it first impression moment. Now I've known about the Cactus Jalopies car show for the past few years, it takes place over the course of a weekend in the beginning of June located in Osoyoos, British Columbia.

   This year I made the effort to finally check it out, and with doing so I had no expectations on what I'd see once I've arrived. But once I got there, without even checking out the show first I was pretty blown away with where the show was located and how it was set up.  

   So going back to that comment about first impressions and how all these little factors can easily add up to a great first impression or a terrible one, we were off to a great start with the shows location, and things were looking promising right from the get go. As I do with most car shows, I'll stroll through it from one end to the other quickly glancing at what's out there, seeing what'll catch my eye, and just getting a feel for the show itself, before I do a second pass with what caught my attention. Unlike most car shows, this one didn't feel cramped or overly busy with vehicles scattered all over the map. The show had a great layout to it I thought, I mean there is no more of a Canadian way to explain it, but it felt like the layout for the show took to the shape of a hockey stick. There was a central hub for the show, which would have been the base of the stick, and then the car show proceeded to straighten out and make its way down the beach. There was a lot of space to wander around throughout the crowds and cars, and I felt like it was a great size for a show.

   Aside from the shows location and layout, the quality of builds lining the beach and walkway areas where next level. In all my years of going to various car shows as a kid and now into my late 20's, I haven't seen such a massive amount of high quality builds in such a small location before. That was very impressive to see, and I felt like something always had your attention. Which some shows feel like they end up being so huge and have such a large amount of vehicles, that your interest gets lost at times because you're tired of walking and dealing with huge crowds, or you start to see a lot of repetition among what's there. The Cactus Jalopies show didn't feel that way at all, it was a comfortable size with lots to look at, but there was variety at the show and lots of it.  

   With the large amount of high quality builds and a great variety at this show, I found myself taking less pictures and spending more time admiring the builds there. It was hard to spend time looking over one vehicle before something in the distance would grab your attention, then you're stuck in this vicious loop of chasing a squirrel, but really it's a good loop because you're never loosing interest throughout the show. As much as I wanted to take pictures of everything there, it was nice to just enjoy roaming the show without the pressure of trying to capture the entire event while rushing to do so, and just snapping a few shots here and there while enjoying the rest of the show. This is one of those show that you just have to be there to experience it, so many great builds, followed up with an incredible location to boot. The Cactus Jalopies car show was one that left a really great first impression with myself, and this is one show for sure that I see myself making it a routine to be at each year.

Tyler Adair