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The best of twenty-sixteen

   Forget what the tabloids said, 2016 was a pretty great year in my eyes. There is no doubt in my mind that this season behind the lens had its challenges at times, but it's overcoming those challenges that help you progress and grow in what you're passionate about. 

  Red Bull Global Rallycross was that one event which really opened my eyes to what's possible when goals are set and end up being met. This event didn't go without a hand full of obstacles though, it had limitations, rules and regulations. All of these which I were new to, I didn't know what to expect going into this event or how to prepare for it. I found myself facing some restrictions that left me questioning at times, "how can I make this work?" Although with the restrictions that were set in place, it were these restrictions that helped push myself to find ways of making it happen when in a pinch. Looking back on that event I realized it was a great learning experience, I had a glimpse of what it's like with photography in the world of professional motorsports, so much fun was had and I was very thankful for this opportunity.

   The Penticton Speedway is where I spend a good amount of my time over the summer, it's a place where the local drift community gets together throughout 10 events during the drift season. This grungy track is home turf, so many great memories have been made here, it's where it all began. Here the possibilities are almost endless, my racecar friends do racecar things and I just get caught up in the chaos with my camera, really there's no other way I'd rather have it. It's all about having fun in my opinion, and that's how it should be. 

   This.....this was it, my favorite shot from 2016, a simple picture of a friends truck took my top spot. 

  I'll still never forget the day I put plastic grocery bags over my feet to keep my socks dry in my waterlogged shoes, it's a handy life hack when you don't think about bringing rain gear to the track. I may have been soaked from head to ankle, but at least I had dry socks, and dry socks are what's important. 

  New ideas were pushed towards the end of the drift season, and it's a great sense of accomplishment when an idea actually pans out after you really have no clue with what you're trying to do. Every new idea is a new puzzle in my mind, and sometimes these ideas lead to success or failure, but new knowledge is always gained in the end. 

  Arriving at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe Washington a number of times over the year always starts off with, "WADD UP MURICA!" usually followed up with a response of, "SUP CANADA!" then a bunch of over the top Canadian and American stereotypes are thrown back and forth for quite a while. This is how it goes with the friends that I've made state side, media people are weird when together. But when you put a few Canadians and Americans together with a great sense of humor, things get out of control really fast, and I mean really fast. There is no filter, no holding back, I often wonder what on lookers around us are thinking when they witness this going on. When a witty group of Canadian and American friends who only see each other 3 or 4 times a year are together, the banter never ends, we are the most unprofessional professionals around and we pride ourselves in our shenanigans.

   2016 was a great time, progression was made and fun was had, that's what matters at the end of it all. If you're a music buff I could sum up my 2016 season with a killer tune called "True Believers" by the Bouncing Souls, these events just wouldn't be the same without the friends I've made along the way. The journey's not just about the destination, it's also about everything in between, that's where the fun is too, where the memories are made and stories are told. So many great events and moments happened throughout the year behind the lens, now it's 2017 and I can't wait to do it all again and then some.  


My Favorite shots of twenty-sixteen

Tyler Adair