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Four Function Customer Appreciation Day

 It's always great seeing small local business putting on events like this for their customers and future customers. Four Function Autosport recently held their first ever customer appreciation day this past weekend (May 31st-2015). What started off as a hot sunny Sunday afternoon, quickly became cloudy and cooler out with what looked like rain clouds rolling in on the event, but that didn't stop a pretty decent sized crowed from coming out for the first time and just having a good time. It didn't have that car show feel, more so it felt like a bunch of friends hanging out, eating some delicious chocolate cake, and just admiring all the rides. I had a fun time behind my new camera (cannon 5D Mark III) and snapping some shots of what caught my eye. A big shout out to the crew from Four Function Autosport for putting on this event, and to everyone who came out to show their appreciation. Can't wait to see this event grow larger and larger each year, support your local shops.

Tyler Adair