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Big White Winter Rally

   Every motorsport has one, the one group that is different from the rest, that one group who has a few screws loose, who are a few fries short of a happy meal, that one group which takes the crazy out of the equation and replaces it with insane. I like to think of this group as the rally scene, rally drivers are a different breed of crazy in my opinion. Sure you could argue that they're other motorsports which can be compared with rally for it's level of intensity,  F1 drivers hit breakneck speeds in machines that handle like fighter jets,  nascar drivers enjoy going in ovals for some reason and I can't quite figure out why,  moto gp is just down right fast on two wheels, top fuel drag racing is almost like watching a car teleport over a short distance, the list could go on and on. But for some reason rally still seems to take it's own top spot on the charts, with it's excessive high speeds, narrow courses with road conditions constantly changing, and cars that for some reason think they can fly at times.

   Now let's throw some snow and ice into the mix to see what we get, well it's the Big White winter rally of course. When most people decide to take it slow on the roads during snowy day, you can find a large group of rally drivers around Big White Ski Resort going flat out in these winter conditions. The Big White Winter Rally took place over December 6th-7th 2014, during this two day event you would have witnessed SnowX and the main rally event itself. SnowX is the winter equivalent to Autocross racing during the summer, it's a short point A to B race with a technical set up where drivers go one by one trying to set the fastest time.

   Then on Sunday you have the main event, the winter rally race. This race takes place on two different stages, between both stages drivers will face about 211 km's of ice and snow covered gravel roads where man, woman and machine will be going flat out to set the best race time. Who knew that driving fast on logging roads with these road conditions was such a great idea, but to rally drivers and fans of the sport, it's a great idea. This is one of many reasons why I think rally drivers are in their own category of crazy, but none the less these are some highly skilled drivers just wanting to push their personal limits to the next level.

   If you're a fan of rally or are interested in checking out this event, make sure you set yourself a reminder for this event next year. I can say that this was my first live rally event and it's truly a ton of fun to spectate at, do some photography, and just being apart of the atmosphere is a great time, really anyone who enjoy's motorsports would enjoy this event. Spread the word about the Big White Winter Rally, let's see this amazing event grow. For spectators this is a free event, Yes! You read right, who doesn't enjoy a free event to spectate at? I do, and I know you do too.

Photo courtesy - Tyler Adair - Gnartography
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— Colin Mcrae (1968-2007)

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