Provoke emotion

Capture passion

Tyler Adair

Photos by Luke Wylie

Self taught photog just chasing a dream while capturing others passions along the way. Photography is a lot more than just snapping a few pictures and calling it a day, it’s a journey full of its own twists and turns, there’s a story to be told within every picture taken along this journey. The story then is often interpreted by whomever is viewing the image, the stories I may be portraying through my images may be viewed differently to each individual. But behind the stories in these images, are more stories and memories that go unseen and unheard of, these are the stories that happen from moments along the way from point A to B, these are the moments I live for, and it’s because of these moments/memories I truly enjoy doing what I do. This is what photography is to myself, it’s the story telling from the moments/memories that happen during these twists and turn along the way.